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Piney Green Volunteer Fire Department Car Seat Checking Station

Installing a car seat is not a simple task, and the process can be anything but straightforward. How a car seat is installed in one vehicle may be different in another vehicle. Additionally, the type of seat appropriate for a child will change several times as the child grows and develops. All of these factors complicate the installation process. But, don't worry! We are here to help!
The Piney Green Volunteer Fire Department is proud to be a permanent checking station for child passenger safety seats. This service is available to Piney Green area and the surrounding community as well. We strongly encourage everyone to have their child safety seat(s) inspected for safety and the correct installation.

What can you expect when during your Child Passenger Safety inspection?

The first and most important goal of the program is to have every child who arrives at our station leave safer than when he or she came. 

Components of the Inspection:

  • Ensure the child has an appropriate seat for their age, weight, size, and the vehicle they will be riding in

  • Educate the parents, guardians, and anyone who will be transporting the child regarding the best practices to follow when installing the seat in their car

  • Demonstrate the proper way to secure a child in the seat

  • Check for any manufacturer recalls, safety, or defect issues

  • Ensure compatibility between the car seat and the vehicle

  • Provide additional information on other agency's child safety programs

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