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We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing the highest level of professional service in response to the protection of life and property through the mitigation of fire, rescue, and motor vehicle collisions, natural disasters, and any other role we are called to fill within the communities we serve, which will be achieved through excellent and compassionate service that values diversity, encourages innovation, and continued professional development of our members, within an environment that is free from harassment and discrimination. 

Safety Tips


Jacksonville and Piney Green firefighters gain valuable training from controlled burn

You've heard the saying that practice makes perfect.

For around 50 firefighters Saturday, an abandoned house in Jacksonville served as the perfect backdrop to learn more about how to effectively do their job. Hoses were in hand to practice putting out several controlled fires in a live training session. The hope is through proper training, firefighters can be well prepared for the real thing.

Number of volunteer firefighters dropping locally and nationally!

A fire or medical emergency can be one of the worst days of your life. Depending on where you live in Eastern Carolina, that worst day is usually where a volunteer firefighter or EMS individual comes in to help.

But it's getting harder to find those willing to volunteer and fill the ranks of rural departments. The number of people doing the job across the United States is declining like never before.

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